Why Wear Compression Socks?

The use of compression socks has greatly enhanced in recent times. Earlier, it was just therapy for bad circulation in the leg area. But currently, it’s used from pregnant women to athletes.

The primary reasons why people use compression socks are

Bedridden or post-surgery

Post-surgery, patients tend to develop risky blood clots in the leg area. When bedridden, it’s more dangerous and more likely that you develop blood clots. Therefore doctors prescribe these compression socks to avoid these clots. They enhance the flow of blood in the leg area and minimize the danger of clots formation.

Compression Socks

In pregnancy

When you are in danger of developing varicose veins or already have them, then your doctor may suggest wearing them in pregnancy. Putting them on enhances the flow of blood in the legs and minimize leg swelling. They avoid the worsening of the varicose veins when you already have them by putting on these compression socks.

Varicose Veins

Studies demonstrate that putting the good compression socks on will have long term advantages that are evident even post the pregnancy. The signs show good improvement with lesser swelling and proper blood flow.

DVT- Deep Vein Thrombosis

DVT is a condition where you can see clotting of blood in the pelvis and leg region, which are painful. The clot can travel towards the lungs and result in pulmonary embolism and other issues due to DVT. Compression socks can give pain relief and avoid further complications due to DVT. It is important to put on these socks during travel for long hours to avoid the deepening of the pain and discomfort.

As blood flows through the body, a clot can travel in your blood and clog somewhere else, such as your lungs. Blood clots doesn’t let blood flow be smooth, which results in discolored skin, swelling, etc.

PTS-Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

DVT can develop to PTS-post-thrombotic syndrome. This is a condition where pain lingers in the leg or arm region post DVT. Compression socks can offer relief from the discomfort associated with it. By putting these socks, you may be able to resume certain activities of your daily routine.

Edema-Leg Swelling

This condition can arise due to many medical issues such as kidney issues, heart failure, etc. Pregnancy also causes edema due to fluid retention. Medical conditions need other treatments, but compression socks can help with leg signs.

Athletic activities

Many sportspeople and athletes don compression socks prior to competing. These socks can avoid the risk of injury and its impact on legs, first and second, they can improve your athletic performance. Studies have shown that there has been no harm to athletes by putting on these socks. The socks, in fact, support their legs and their performance.


People such as athletes, pregnant women, and having certain medical conditions, use the compression socks. They are for pain relief, comfort, improving the flow of blood, enhancing athletic performance, minimizing blood clot formation, and others. This is used even by people who have undergone surgery and are bedridden for support. Use of compression socks has improvement in varicose veins, DVT, and PTS. It minimizes edema as well associated with some medical conditions and in pregnancy.

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