What Is Pizza Dough Roller? How to Use it and its Benefits?

A pizza dough roller is an industrial equipment used by bakers to prepare a large quantity of dough. This countertop or tabletop roller helps to roll dough without taking much time. It is the perfect equipment for bakeries and restaurants where tons of orders are taken. This pizza roller is often called a pizza dough sheeter that can help to increase the profitability of your bakery. It is a great time to purchase a pizza dough roller as bakery sales are increasing this year. This appliance can reduce production costs and time.

How to use a pizza dough roller?

The pizza dough is placed between the roller or the sheeter, and it is compressed to the right form. If you have a quality roller, then it will continuously produce dough sheets. The dough may have to pass at least one gauging roller. Until the dough reaches the proper thickness, you can roll the dough many times through the roller. The last process is releasing the pizza dough sheets that will be in perfect circular shape. As the dough is the foundation for all pizza, the roller is very useful for commercial pizza shops and restaurants.

The benefits of pizza dough roller

Crispier crust

The dough roller uses firm rollers that flatten thick pizza dough into thin sheets. Due to this compressing function, all the gas in the dough gets out. However, a pizza dough roller is an ideal equipment to make thin-crust pizza. The dough is made soft, and after baking, you can deliver crispier crust pizza to your customers.

Uniform results

Using the hand to roll pizza sheets is not possible in a commercial pizza shop. Even though, if you hire someone to do the task, it is tough to see uniform results every time. If you are a pizza shop owner, you may know that consistency is very important in business. Therefore, only a dough roller can provide you with smooth, flat dough every single time. The time taken to bake these uniform pizza sheets is also the same. For consistent results and uniform pizza cuts, you can use a pizza dough roller.

Less time consumption

Rolling pizza dough with the hand is a time-consuming process. When it comes to pizza companies, there is no time to waste on these tasks. However, a pizza roller creates sheets effectively and efficiently. This cuts your staff charges for rolling dough. From laminating your pizza sheets to creating batches of pizza sheets, everything can be done with a single pizza dough roller.


With a pizza dough roller, you can create your different type of pizza sheet. Depending on your company’s requirements, you can create ciabatta dough or any other unique type of dough. This equipment increases your pizza companies’ flexibility and versatility to produce and deliver various kinds of pizza.

Increases productivity

With the pizza dough roller, everything can be done quick and fast. As the roller reduces the time invested in pizza rolling, you can meet other demands of the customers.

To flourish in your commercial pizza businesses purchase a pizza dough roller and benefit from it.

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