What are Pocket Scales Used For 

Pocket scales are highly suited for people who need to measure small weights regularly. The modern pocket scales are very accurate and have sleek and durable designs. Pocket weighing scales can be carried anywhere, which enables quick weight measurement of any small object whenever required. They are available in a number of designs resembling a credit card, calculator, lighter, watch, matchbox, etc. Pocket scales are also loaded with a host of features such as multiple measurement units and backlit LCD.

Some of the common uses of pocket scales are as follows.

Pocket Scale 

Gold and Precious Stones 

Instead of using heavy balancing scales, jewellers can use pocket scales to weigh gold, silver, pearl, diamond and other precious stones. The pocket scales can weigh using a plethora of units such as ounces, carats, grains, pennyweight, troy ounces and grams, which make them very convenient for jewellers. Pocket scales have eliminated the need for jewellers to carry heavy physical balances when they go out to buy or sell gold and other expensive materials.

Law enforcement 

Police and other law enforcement personnel carry pocket scales with them. The pocket scales enable them to check the weights of illegal substances on the spot quickly. Illegal substances can be anything, such as narcotics or banned medicines. A swift preliminary check of the weight helps in getting a clear idea about the amount involved.


Pharmacists need to measure the exact weight of tablets, capsules and other types of medicines so that patients consume only the correct amount as per their prescriptions. For example, a bottle of pills must have the exact number of pills as printed on its label and pocket scale helps in ensuring that the correct number of tablets are put in it. Pocket scales can also be used by patients to measure their medicines to make sure that they are consuming the correct amounts as per their prescriptions.

Parcels and Letters 

Courier companies and post offices can use pocket scales to measure the weights of letters and parcels in order to determine their mailing costs. Senders can also use their own pocket scales to get a clear idea of the weights of their consignments and the resultant mailing costs. For weighing larger parcels, pocket scales having expansion lids are suitable. Expansion lid doubles the capacity of the scale, which enables large parcels to be weighed.

Food Preparation 

Chefs can use pocket scales to measure the weights of various kinds of ingredients accurately. This is very beneficial for recipes which need precise amounts of ingredients. Apart from food preparation, pocket scales can also be used to measure portions of food by health-conscious people to ensure that they do not exceed their daily recommended amounts. Many models of pocket scales are even equipped with calorie counters.


Pocket scales can be taken on camping trips. The scale needs to be packed in a rucksack and taken to the camping trip. The scale comes handy in a camp for weighing ingredients to prepare food, weighing caught fish and many other measuring tasks.

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