Top 5 Best Selling Hand Mixer in India

The lifestyle we are living in nowadays, we are dependent on different appliances. In every kitchen, many appliances are available, and one of the appliances is Hand Mixer. If you are making the new kitchen or thinking of buying the new appliances, then if the hand mixer is not there, it should be kept for sure. It is one of the boons for the kitchen, which makes a lot of kitchen work easier. It is always best to have an electric hand mixer, which does the work quickly and with ease. There are many hand mixers available in the market, but some of the best-selling hand mixers are –

Philips Hand Mixer – It comes with a powerful motor, and within a few minutes, the desired results will be there like that of mixing, whisking, and others. There are five levels of speed that mostly suit all types of recipes. The functions given in this make the work much easier and convenient for use. All the parts are assigned in such a manner that the user will not face any difficulty while operating it.

Bosh Hand Mixer – The parts used in this are of high quality with a powerful motor of around 600 watts. Different parts come along with this, which makes it more convenient to work on it. The blades which are used in this are made up of stainless steel, and different speeds are there, including turbo speed, which makes it easy to grind minutely. These parts could be easily removed, which makes it hassle-free for cleaning. The company provides a warranty for around 2 years.

Morphy Richards – This has the brand name among the kitchen appliances. It has the best performance in the kitchen, which makes it more appealing to buy. The motor has enough power, which makes it do all the kitchen work with ease. The structure of the body is such that it becomes easy to hold a grip on it and work conveniently.

Inalsa Hand Mixer – Many functions of it helps in saving time, energy, and money. This mixer could do many tasks without any hassles like that of blending, kneading, whisking. The attachments, along with this, are easily removed, which makes it easy for the user to clean it. It comes with a grip that anyone could easily hold. Even when it is used in large bowls, it does not slip.

Orpat Hand Mixer – At times, it is required to do simple kitchen work for which a user does not require much of features and watts in the motor to do the work. For this, a hand mixer is the best. It is very easy to store as it does not take much space. The blades are of stainless steel, which helps in proper blending without any damage.

The hand mixer should be chosen carefully, taking into consideration all the features and requirements of the kitchen. So, that what all requirements are there, it fits into all and works in the best way.

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