Tips For Buying Baby’s First Pair Of Shoes

When your babies are ready for the first pair of shoes, you can go to find the best shoes. Never choose any wrong pair of shoes for them, and you should know to choose the best-fit shoe pair for your baby.

Most of the paediatricians are recommending babies to walk barefoot for some time as it will help them to learn walking quickly and also strengthens their ankles. Shoes are needed for babies to protect them from getting injuries and infection. This is the only reason to buy the first pair of shoes for your babies. Here we will discuss the right procedure to buy the baby’s first pair of shoes.

The Right Fit:

Your baby is so small, and they can’t tell or express you that the shoes are too tight or too loose at their heels. So, you need to check this carefully. Wear the shoes and test the following tips.

The length test:  The first thing you need to check is the length of the shoe. Try to press your thumb in between the gap of the biggest toe and the shoe’s end. Ensure that you see at least half an inch of space as a child’s wiggle room. But also, you check the room is not too spacious where your babies can drag their toes.

The width test: Ensure that the shoe is not too much wider or too much narrower for your baby to wear. You can also check at the shoe’s widest point, where you can grasp in between your fingers, a thin piece of material.


Most experts recommend you to go for picking the soft-sole shoes for your babies. Also, choose the lightweight, breathable fabric like leather, cotton, or canvas shoes for your babies. Babies are new to walking; they should feel comfortable walking with their shoes.


When you buy too-stiff shoes for your babies, they will cause various problems such as deformity, mobility loss, and weakness. So, choose flexible shoes for your babies. Check the shoes, whether they are bending and twisting in whatever ways you do. Also, you should feel your baby toes when you check on the shoes.

Nonskid soles, padding & secure closures:

For your babies, buy the shoes having a rubber or leather soles. Such soles help your baby to get more traction when they start their first steps on the floor. Check for the features like laces, snaps or Velcro, so that you can adjust the size of shoes to fit better on your baby’s feet.

Reasonable Price:

Since you are going to buy the first pair of shoes for your baby, you don’t need the shoes to have a long-lasting life. You need the shoes for your baby for outdoor reasons, and they are mostly fit for three months. So, you can go for the reasonably priced shoes and avoid expensive models. When you are buying them, you need to check for the proper fitting and other elements mentioned above but not the expensive model of shoes.

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