OTG Oven Benefits and Limitations 

Many of the Indian households will agree with the fact that the oven plays an essential role in their cooking. However, there are many ovens in the market today, like the microwave oven and the OTG ovens. This can make you confused about what to choose for your household.

So here are the benefits and limitations of the OTG ovens for you to make sure if it is the right fit for your house.

otg oven

What is an OTG oven?

OTG is the word the short form of oven, toaster, and griller. The OTG can be used for grilling, roasting, and baking. It is a small and portable appliance that will suit compact kitchens. It only uses less electricity and comes in the list of the economical oven.

The OTG ovens are well-liked by many bakers. It is easy to make tasty dishes and desserts in the OTG ovens such as croissants, cupcakes, pasta, cookies, and bread. This makes it a very good addition to many households.

The benefits of OTG oven

  • The portable ovens

These types of ovens can be used in any space. Because of their lightweight nature, the ovens are the best for use. It is not heavy like the other types of ovens such as the microwave oven. You can carry it anywhere on your own without anyone’s help.

  • The OTG oven is less pricey.

Most of the time, an oven can make a hole in your budget. If you only want to spend less on an oven, then you can choose the OTG type ovens. It is cheaper than the other types of oven. The price starts as low as 1500 Rs. It saves money, too, because you need not buy a toaster or a griller separately as the OTG can take care of these matters.

  • OTG uses less power.

When compared to other types of ovens, OTG only uses less electricity.

  • Convenience

Even utensils made of metal can be used in the OTG ovens.

The limitations of OTG ovens

  • The OTG is known to take more cooking time than the other type of ovens. This is one of the drawbacks of the oven, which many users find inconvenient. Many of the cooks usually do not like to spend much of their time in cooking, for instance, when cooking breakfast urgently in the morning, when the OTG oven takes extra time to prepare than many precious minutes will be spent on this alone.
  • There are lots of confusing settings and controls on the OTG ovens, and many people find it hard to use it. This is one of the limitations that make people think a lot before buying an OTG. This matter differs a lot from the usual ovens, which have easy controls.

These are some of the important information about OTG ovens. You can make use of these ovens if you find that you can manage with the limitations. When we overlook these limitations, the OTG will serve well in a kitchen because of its benefits.

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