Meat processing: Preparation of meat for human consumption

The common term used to describe the edible part of animal tissues processed for consumption is meat. Meat for human consumption is extracted from animals by separating bones and skin. Generally, meats are classified by the type of animal they are processed. Red meat refers to meat derived from mammals such as chickens, and seafood is meat provided by fish. Most consumed meats are identified by the name of live animals from which they come. Beef refers to meat from cattle; chicken refers to meet for chickens and mutton from sheep.

Muscle converted into meat.

Muscle is an essential component of most meat and meat products. Meat consists of additional parts such as connective tissue, fat, nerves, and blood vessels that are embedded and surround within the muscles. The quality of meat depends on the critical factors that involve the muscle’s structural and biochemical properties.

There are three different types of muscle in animals: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. The Smooth muscles are found in the organ system, which includes digestive fluids. These organs are often used in sausages. Cardiac muscles located in the heart are consumed as meat products very often. The most amount of meat is derived from skeletal muscles, which are attached to bones because these bones support the weight of the animal.

Meat: The best source of proteins

Lean muscles of animals usually contain approximately 21 percent protein, 73 percent water, 5 percent fat, and almost 1 percent of the mineral component. Meat is an excellent source of protein, and these proteins perform specific functions in living muscle tissue.

Role of Knife in meat processing

There are generally two types of meat processing; packaged meat processing and traditional meat processing. Both methods involve the extraction of meat from the body of animals through metal blades; the only difference in the blades is their size. Packaged meat processing produces a large number of meat products as it involves the use of big machinery and the latest pieces of equipment. The blades in the machines are bigger in size. On the other hand, the traditional method of meat processing involves a person who processes meat with the help of Butcher KnifeThe meat processed in the traditional method is fresh and without preservatives as the person process the meat by cutting the animal right away with Butcher Knife and remove unnecessary bones and muscles.

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