How to Use Baby Wipes to Newborn

Baby wipes are an easy and quick way to clean the baby’s bottom. On a typical summer day, your newborn’s bottom might experience excessive sweat accumulation. Babies have no other way to express their discomfort rather than crying. Lack of proper wiping will make your baby more irritable than ever. Pediatricians recommend that only changing the diapers is not sufficient unless you don’t clean the baby’s butt properly.

The launch of baby wipes in the market developed both its retailing as well as assertions on it. The efficacy of baby wipes is always questionable to many people. We are here to acknowledge you a little more about the use and effectiveness of baby wipes. Many mothers hesitate to use these products on their newborn’s skin, thinking about the side effects that it can cause.

Before moving to the essential points on how to care for your newborn with the help of baby wipes, let us discuss a brief about these wipes.

Baby Wipes to Newborn

1. Briefing you about baby wipes

Baby wipes are the wet wipes that are used for cleaning the sensitive skin of babies. It comes in various dimensions and with different cleansing agents soaked in it.  These are the most fundamental hygiene product of babies.

2. Do thickness and size matter?

Baby wipes are a necessity for many moms as they can’t go on a single day without using them. Once you start using baby wipes, you will never opt for manual cleaning method. The size of the baby wipes matter; it shouldn’t be too large or too small. The thickness and stretching capacity also comes into consideration to make its comprehensive use.

3. What do these wipes contain?

These wipes contain a few ingredients infused in the mesh fabric that act as the cleansing agent. These ingredients could be more of water or alcohol, depending upon the brand that you select. Therefore, the baby wipes are broadly categorized into two- water-based wipes and alcohol-based wipes. Most mothers go for the water-based wipes as they appear more organic. However, the alcohol-based wipes also possess their share of benefits that most of the moms fail to recognize.

4. How can you use baby wipes?

  • Baby wipes work as a natural moisturizer for your baby’s sensitive skin and helps to keep it soft and supple. Wiping your newborn’s skin twice a day with these wipes can prevent the skin conditions arising due to the accumulation of dirt. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to keep your baby moisturized during winter days.
  • The wet wipes are the most efficient way to balance the pH of your baby’s skin. When a baby’s skin is healthy, it has a pH ranging from 5 to 5.5 which is higher than the normal adult skin pH. It can increase invariably in summer days due to increased accumulation of sweat. A baby wipe helps to maintain the adequate pH of the baby’s skin, helping it to grow and function healthily.
  • Baby wipes can also be used to minimize the effects of rash caused due to improper use of diapers. These wipes have such agents that aid to reduce the inflammation in the site of the rash.
  • The most well-known use of a baby wipe is to clean the surface of the bottom while changing the diaper. It eliminates the need to arrange a soft cloth and water whenever you are changing diapers. The cleansing agent infused in the wipes leave the skin of your baby fresh and gentle.

That’s all about the uses of a baby wipe. Happy shopping!

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