How to Use A Digital Thermometer to Take Your Reading Accurately?

Thermometers allow us to get an accurate temperature reading for several purposes, where the most common use is in checking human body temperature. The same goes for animals also, and it possesses a range of advantages like being able to treat the patient accordingly.

You can find that thermometers are getting cheap and they are easily available in every home nowadays. Picking up the thermometer and taking temperature reading is easy, but do you know how accurate it is?

The accuracy depends upon several factors apart from the quality of the thermometer itself. If you choose a genuine quality thermometer and follow the right method, you will get a pretty accurate result or golden standard accuracy.

The below mentioned are some of the easy-to-follow tips that will help you enhance the overall accuracy and not make any flaw.

Let’s have a look –

Digital Thermometer

1. Using Digital Oral Thermometer

Similar to a mercury thermometer, the use of a digital oral thermometer is simple. These thermometers are cheap and specially made for babies. To begin, you have to choose a quality digital thermometer and follow –

  • Start by cleaning the probe partly because it should be clean if you are using it for baby.
  • Take any thermometer cleaner or use sanitizer, which contains 70% or more alcohol content.
  • Using cotton to clean the probe part will be easy and let it dry for a few seconds, don’t blow air to dry it.
  • Now press the power on button and place it under the patient’s tongue or armpit area.
  • After one minute or when the temperature is not rising anymore, you will hear a continuous beep.

Now, check the reading, it will be highly accurate, and there is nothing which can cause an error with this reading.

2. Using Digital Infrared Thermometer

A Digital infrared thermometer doesn’t require cleaning because it is not going to a targeted body. To take a reading, you have to make sure that the thermometer is fully charged and clean.

  • Turn on your digital infrared thermometer from the side buttons.
  • Point it toward the targeted body to take temperature readings.
  • The most common area is to point it at the forehead of a person.
  • Hold it properly and press the trigger.
  • Do not shake your hand when taking a temperature reading.
  • In a few seconds, the reading will be displayed, and it is highly accurate.

The best part about the digital infrared thermometer is its accuracy and easy to use the feature. You can see that it is highly convenient to use, and it is taking less five seconds to provide you accurate results. Even the targeted body won’t have to touch this thermometer, ensuring a better safety level.

The Final Verdict

Both thermometer types can provide you accurate results, and if you want to get the best accuracy, then going with a digital infrared thermometer will be a reliable choice. Make sure that you read the manual to ensure an easier use and no error during the use.

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