How to Clean Wood Floors Like a Pro

Wood floors are aesthetically appealing and impart an impressive look to the house. However, wood floors tend to attract a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, which not only spoil their look but also damage them, necessitating expensive repairs. Thus, it is important to clean the wooden floor regularly to maintain it in perfect condition. But it is necessary to know about the right way to clean wood floors so that you do not end up damaging the floor.

Mopping and Vacuum cleaning

The broom should not be used on a wood floor because the broom pushes dirt and debris across the wooden floor, thereby making scratches that damage the wood. Thus, a Hardwood floor mop is the ideal cleaning tool. The best hardwood floor mops are the ones having microfiber heads. A hardwood floor mop attracts and picks up dust and debris from the surface of the wood floor and does not scratch the surface. The mop can also be treated with a dusting agent to trap dust and debris quickly. Wood flooring in high traffic areas such as the kitchen or living room should be mopped 1-2 times a week while for fewer traffic areas, mopping once a month is sufficient.

Vacuum cleaning is also suitable for wood floors. The vacuum cleaner should be attached with a floor brush to clean wooden flooring. One important consideration for the vacuum cleaning wood floor is the beater bar. The beater bar of the vacuum cleaner scratches the surface of the wood floor. Thus, either the vacuum cleaner should be used in a bare-floor setting, which lifts the beater bar or beater bar attachment should not be used at all. Vacuum cleaning removes dirt from areas which the mop cannot access, such as the space between the wooden boards. Weekly or biweekly vacuum cleaning is recommended for wooden floors.

Deep cleaning

Grime, oil, and tenacious dirt particles cannot be eliminated from wooden flooring by routine dusting using a mop or vacuum cleaning. Hence, deep cleaning once in a while is essential. For deep cleaning, use a wood floor cleaning product that must be diluted exactly as per the instructions printed on its label. The cleaning solution can also be made by mixing dish soap or castile soap in 4 cups of warm water. The wood floor mop needs to be made damp with the cleaning solution. The point to note here is that the mop needs to be dampened and should not be made wet. This is because wet mop will leave water standing on the surface of the wooden floor, which damages it. The wood flooring must be mopped in small sections at a time to avoid the puddling of water. Each section should be dried using a clean cloth or dry mop after being cleaned.

Word of Caution

Alkaline and abrasive cleaning solutions besides cleaners containing ammonia should never be used on wooden floors because they scratch the finishing and make the wooden floor dull in appearance. Vinegar solution should also not be used to clean wooden flooring because it damages the seal.

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