How to Adapt your Guitar Rig for Outdoor Gigs?

The ideal time to take part in outdoor gigs is during the summer season. A tiny bit of sun, a refreshing drink, and a great live band are things to expect during summer outdoor gigs.

Let’s have a look at a quick list to how one can enhance the outdoor gigs:

  • Spend in a sound PA system for singer-songwriters
  • Make use of wireless connectivity
  • Prefer multi-FX or another modelling tech
  • Make use of in-ear monitors
  • Switch old n used guitar strings and renew other replaceable stuff

Guitar Humidity

Managing the Humidity and Temperature

The humidity and temperature factors affect both acoustic as well as electric guitars. An abrupt switch to cold climatic conditions can result in the guitar’s construction made of wood to contract or expand. This can likewise lead to tuning to go off the whack. However, well-manufactured guitars are likely to get less affected by these changes. This is due to the more durable woods and stuff put to use to create acoustic bracing and truss rods. Therefore, invest in a guitar that is less likely to succumb to these climate changes.

Modelling Amps and Multi-FX

Nowadays, it happens to be simple to duplicate your tone of guitar from gig to gig precisely. This is possible due to the availability of modelling amps. It is possible to make use of a modelling amp to get the design to your tone. This way, it will be easy to anticipate the tone you can get each time you decide to play the guitar. It is highly suggested that you use PA-FRFR speakers to focus the audio in the direction of the audience.

Wireless Connection                                      

If you happen to be in an enclosed region, then cables work just as fine because chances of knocking these cables out are very less. However, if you happen to be outdoors, then there is a huge probability that your stage is huge. In such situations, cables are a bad idea because they must be longer. Therefore, wireless systems come in handy in such instances. The wireless system doesn’t need cables, and this is the reason why you won’t trip on anything. This system likewise covers a lot of distance, thereby enabling you to put the rig behind the stage. In-ear monitoring is another priceless wireless tool available for use. These give you good quality audio and likewise safeguard the ears from extremely high volumes.

PA Systems

A portable PA system is considered to be a priceless tool for singer-songwriter soloists and duos. There is a high chance that the provided venue can be just a playground or palace grounds. In such instances, you will require a plug-in system to link your instruments. Active PA speakers are ideal as they serve their purpose by making the event or show audible to the crowd. Set for yourself a clear budget so that you can get the right PA system. Ensure that you choose the right amount of inputs.


There will be a lot of tasks that one should perform on the other half of the stage. Doing this can capture the performance and sound evidence.

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