Extension Ladder vs Telescopic Ladder: Which is good?

Extended ladders and telescopic ladders are the two most popular and widely used types of ladders for the homeowners. Regardless of the tasks that you are willing to perform with ladders, these are the two most widely suggested types that you get from the experts. However, the confusion starts when you need to choose one of these ladders and you haven’t bought them before.

If you are also stuck in such a situation where you need to pick the best ladder for your home and you are unable to decide, this article can be a perfect read for you. Here, we are going to compare the Extension and telescopic ladders under three points that will help you make a better decision. Go through these points and make sure that you keep these points in mind while choosing a perfect ladder for your home.

Extension Ladder vs telescopic ladder: Which is good?

  • Usability

The usability is the first thing to consider while buying a new extension ladder. And when it comes to usability, the telescopic ladders are much better than the Extension ladders. Whether it is about the extended height of the ladder or the stability, the telescopic ladders score extremely well in both aspects. The similar-sized telescopic ladder has a better reach ad stability than the extended ladder. Also, the telescopic ladders are easy to move and carry along.

So, if you are after usability, you should prefer the telescopic ladder over the extended ladders.

  • Ease of storage

Another important thing to consider while purchasing a new ladder is the ease of storage. IT is essential to choose a ladder that is extremely easy to store and use. Both extension and telescopic ladders are easy to store and can be folded in a much smaller size than they actually are.However, if you are looking to buy an easy to use and store ladder, the telescopic ladder is going to be a better choice than the extension ladders.

So, if you are looking for a better ladder for yourself that can be stored easily in your store-room without any need of making the extra space, you should not look any further than the telescopic ladder for your home.

  • Durability

Durability is another important thing to consider while purchasing a ladder. And here, both the telescopic and extension ladders are great for the use. Both are sturdy and offer better stability to the user. So, here, you can choose your preferences according to the things you are planning to do with the help of the ladder. If you are looking for a better height, the extension ladders are among the best choices to make. On the other hand, telescopic ladders are perfect for indoor daily tasks as well as outdoor tasks.


Extension and telescopic ladders are great to have. However, it is important to keep usability in mind while buying a perfect ladder for home.

So, when the performance and usability are concerned, we will suggest you go with the telescopic ladder which is a lot better choice for the performance and efficiency.

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