Everything you need to know about a Miter Saw

In the realm of doing projects all by yourselves and contracting, a healthy bunch of saws is an absolute requirement. There are several types of saws available on the market today and there are still debates as to which type of saw is more efficient and the best.

As far as we know, miter saws are comparatively better for making some complicated cuts like bevel, angled, compound, and Mitre. Apart from these, there are several things that you need to know about miter saws.

Miter Saw

Different parts of a miter saw 

A miter saw is a combination of several parts and each part plays an important role in making the miter saw very efficient.

  • Blade
  • Guard
  • Power switch
  • Table
  • Scale
  • Vise
  • Handle
  • Additional components

Most of the people who have used the electric miter saw at least once know each part and why there are important.

Common uses of a miter saw 

Despite having several uses that most people know in general, there are some uses that most of the people do not know.

  • Miter saws are very easy to use, as most of the miter saws come with a design that makes it very user-friendly. Most of the first-time users might find it comparatively easy to use.
  • Apart from this, they could make almost any type of cut with ease, all those cut that couldn’t be made with any other types of saws. compound cut, angle cut, bevel cut, step cut, you name it, miter saw could do it.
  • Accuracy and precision are some of the major benefits of using a miter saw. Yes, miter saws are generally very accurate and precise, it could be used to make clear and super-finished cuts. Some miter saws come with a laser-guided cutting feature that is very precise.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when working with a miter saw 

  • Never wear loose gloves or jewelers while using a miter saw
  • Always check the miter saw blade and blade attachment, before using the miter saw.
  • Before using the miter saw, raise and drop the miter saw arm and make sure they move freely.
  • If you are using the miter saw for the first time, try to cut small pieces of material and learn how the saw works.
  • Even if the miter saw comes with a blade guard, try to keep your fingers 6-inches away from the blades.
  • Never cut small pieces of material without clamping it properly.
  • Mount a miter saw at an even surface, the saw should not shake or vibrate while in use.
  • Each type of miter saw would come with a list of recommended blades, never try to use it with any other blades.
  • Do not bend over the miter saw while using it if the material is hard and if your blade is not cutting it fast, do not try to lean over the arm to force it to cut more. The blade could break and the arm could bend if you do such a thing.

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