Do Laser Printer Cartridges Dry Up?

The laser printer torn cartridges are also called as laser cartridges. It is composed of toner powered, dry mixture of plastic particles, black, carbon, and other colouring agents which makes the clear images on the paper. The toner is transferred to the paper through an electrocuted charged drum and fused onto the paper.

The toner is not only an ink; it is electrically charged plastic material. It is one of the interesting facts of the laser printer is the toner.

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Laser Printers

Working of toner 

Working of the toner cartridges are as follows:

The two main components of toner are plastic and pigments, and it has a role in the printing process.

The color to the ink is given by the pigment, while plastic makes the pigment stick to the paper when the plastic is heated and melted. This process gives the laser toner an advantage over the ink. This provides an even tone to the text onto the paper.

Another biggest advantage of the toner is cost. The laser toner is less cost than inkjet toner, it usually useful for the officers to print their documents faster than inkjet cartridge.

The toner designed varies for different models, and the following components manufacture it, and it is commonly found in all the toner cartridges. The components are toner hopper, seal, doctor blade, developer, waste bin, primary charge roller, organic photo conductor, drum sheets.

Working of Cartridges 

In most of the cartridges, the replaceable materials are toner hopper, drum, and developer. When printer collects the information from the hopper with the developer, it starts printing the image or text on the paper.

The information collected by the developer is positively charged torn particles, and it is removing the past information. The developer is composed of negatively charged attractive beads attached to the metal roller.

The image on the drum has a powerful negative charge than the beads which is present on the developer so that the torn is pulled from the developer onto the drum. When next time the drum moves it contains even still more powerful negative charge so that it can pull the torn onto the paper and shape the images properly and fit the papers.

The paper will automatically absorb the ink, and the heat will melt the plastic and torn particles. However, the melted plastic will stick on the papers and don’t heed the heated fused rollers. This is possible because the roller is made of Teflon material which is non-sticky.

Benefits of the laser printer cartridges 

  • It supports the printing rate.
  • It helps to print faster than ink.
  • It is less expensive.
  • The laser can move quickly so that it speeds up the printing process.
  • It can print properly without spilling any extra ink.


No, the laser printer cartridge will not have any issue in sitting it for a long time between the users. It exactly says that there no expiration date on the cartridges.

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