Can running shoes be used for walking?

You will see an individual category in the shoe department named running shoes. The designs of the running shoes are special. Although you might not find many differences among a pair of regular shoes and a pair of running shoes. But, the running shoes are specialized for running purposes. As you know, running is more complex and more high-intensity activity than running.

Differences between walking and running

When you’re walking, you maintain a gentle pace. But in the case of running, the pace and the movement of your body increases. While running, you put weight on your legs and feet, that’s 3 times your body weight. In this case, you land on the balls of the feet mainly. But, in terms of walking, you land on your heels first and then move forward with the help of the toes. Here, you apply 1.5 or 2 times of your body weight on your legs and feet. You can’t distribute the balance or the weight evenly when running. On the contrary, you can do that effortlessly while walking.

Differences of features between walking shoes and running shoes

Inside a pair of good running shoes, you will find a thick layer of cushion that provides perfect fit and support. This layer of cushion helps you to protect your feet from any unwanted injury while running. On the other hand, walking shoes are much less comfortable. A pair of walking shoes don’t include any cushion-layer. Sometimes a pair of walking shoes don’t even fit perfectly.

Walking shoes also have lesser flexibility. The runners don’t require that much flex while running, and that’s why running is not very flexible. But walking shoes have good flexibility that provides some extra comfort to you during a long walk.

The running shoes are more compact and stable. That feature assists the runner to control the movement of the feet during running. Maintained movement is important while running as the balance has to be even and well-distributed. Otherwise, there are high possibilities of accidents. The motion-control feature is also a key feature that you will find in running shoes. That feature allows you to have more control when you’re suddenly increasing or lessening your speed. These all features make a running shoe compact and specialized for running.

Walking shoes are simple, and those don’t have many features. As you don’t require much control while walking, running shoes are flat and less cushioned.

Can you use a pair of running shoes for walking purposes?

There is no rule that you can’t use a pair of running shoes for a walk. You definitely can use running shoes for walking. Although there are several differences in the structures and features, using running shoes for walking won’t harm you. Running shoes are made for more complex and intense activity. So, a less intense activity like walking can be done with that too. Moreover, a pair of running shoes can provide more control while walking. So, whether it’s a pair of running shoes or walking shoes, you can use anyone for walking. But don’t try to use a pair of walking shoes for running. Otherwise, you will stand a chance of getting yourself injured.

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