Camtech Manufacturing FZCO, Dubai: The Company That Leads & Reviews

Camtech Manufacturing FZCO is one of the paramount commercially viable companies in Dubai engaged in manufacturing a variety of exclusive valves for its niche customers. These valves are used in various industries as their prime inputs. Camtech Manufacturing FZCO is really one of the first valve-making manufacturing entities to be founded in Dubai.

In-house products of this organization are scalable and widely used in many notable industries surrounding the country. Camtech Manufacturing strives for preserving a tradition for consistent production and delivery of its products manufactured. It is indeed yet another end-to-end solution in the valve producing segment in the region. A multitude of choices including design, development, research, advertising, marketing and providing after-sales services are the key features of this unique industry.

Camtech Manufacturing Koda

An insight into the setup

  • Camtech Manufacturing FZCO Company is the first duly certified and lawfully accredited valve manufacturing unit in the Dubai region of UAE. The valves produced and fabricated by the Company are of both high quality as well of density and has made its mark in the domain of manufacturing valves of various sizes as per business needs and demands.
  • Camtech brand produces a range of valves like globe valve, gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, on-off valve, pigging valve, plug valve, choke valve, check valve, MOV’s, ESD’s and LBV’s.
  • Camtech manufacturing industry has in its name a massive operative plant extending to the Jebel Ali free industrial zone, UAE with a land expanse of nearly 260,000 sq. The quality products are manufactured and assembled at the plant site using modern and specialized technologies facilitated by the unique Standalone CNC’s.
  • The company’s products are regularly and consistently used in large-scale industrial setups such as refineries, oil, power, gas, pipelines, construction, pharmaceutical and water petrochemicals.
  • Camtech’s massive stretch of manufacturing plant has the magnitude to cater to unending order books. Specialized and well-trained manpower are one of the key reasons for manufacturing the best valves in the respective sector.
  • The company holds a separate location where destructive tests of the manufactured products are conducted such as impact test, Vicker’s and Rockwell hardness test, tensile test and Brinell test that are mandatory while maintaining a high quality of brands produced.
  • All tests are performed in house NDT is a testing procedure, such as ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle analysis, dye penetration inspection and reasonable identification of materials.

Reasons behind its success

  • Except for enjoying a global standard and highly advanced development and testing facility, Camtech FZCO believes in serving customers with utmost care and assurance. Camtech offers a host of value-added services including design, sales after-sales and specialized marketing that help to ensure that all customer needs are suitably adhered to.
  • Besides, Camtech Manufacturing has established long-term collaborations with significant manufacturers in the realm of foundries, actuators, forge masters, and gearbox producers. The design, engineering, manufacturing and other wings of the organization comprises of highly skilled, technically qualified personnel who contribute to unsurpassed service discharge.
  • Camtech FZCO’s after-sales services are of its own kind in the market. The business provides a dedicated venue for the refurbishment of worn-out valves at the vast area of the plant to retain important customers by providing them with quality after-sales facilities.
  • The niche Camtech manufacturing service is accessible with bare minimum issues at the customer front and within the factory premises as well. Camtech FZCO is a popular approach among customers looking for the best valve producing unit.

The much-desired attributes for this enterprise are material, quality, technology, design, location and above all, research and development. Camtech can deliver so many varieties of material valves within a short notice to multiple locations around the world.

Camtech always has a strict vigilance over its manufacturing operations and supply chain and ensures that there are zero occurrences of fraud in terms of the spread of duplicate valves in the market, its illegal trading and corresponding money laundering. This is the reason that the Company is has a consistently high success rate.


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