Best backpack leaf blower-tips to buy, use and benefits

Do you crave for a clean backyard or garden? Then get a backpack leaf blower to get off all the fallen dry and wet leaves, dry grass, and other debris.

Some primary aspects to look to get a best backpack leaf blower

Air Flow or CFM Rating

CFM-Cubic Feet per minute means the capacity of airflow per minute through the blow tube. More power with a higher flow of air. This in turn gives more force to push the debris and leaves in the yard.

  • 200 – 400 CFM for driveways, decks, and patios
  • 400 – 700 CFM for medium areas for over an acre
  • >700 CFM for bigger properties (over 1.5 acres)

Power Source

The power source of the blower can be battery, gas, or electricity. Gas-powered for massive lawn electric powered for porch or smaller yards

Motor Power

The machine’s performance is identified with motor power.

  • Gas powered-30 CC or 40 CC
  • Battery-powered- 60 V or 80V

Higher CC or Voltage engines have higher performance.

Select a backpack leaf blower that is durable, strong, and has a powerful motor. However, it should not be a heavier one.

Why a backpack leaf blower?

This blower offers amazing advantages as compared to a standard blower. This blower can be carried by loading it on your back. This will give you free movement back and forth. It has a powerful motor that cleans off the fallen leaves in a jiffy.

Let’s look at some benefits which make this blower worth a purchase:


It comes in various modern models. It is equipped with shoulder straps that permit adjustment facility to different degrees. You can comfortably place it on your back and finish the cleaning task efficiently.

Style and Technology

This blower comes with different powering systems like cordless, corded, and gas. Choose an energy-efficient model that suits you in its style and affordability. A cordless powered blower is silent and there are no hassles of tangled cords when clearing and in movement.


The majority of high-end models have good power delivery and flexibility. Select a powerful motor in a leaf blower which will allow you to get a full blast of power for heavy cleaning while offering gentle clean for smaller tasks.

Saves Time and Money

The backpack leaf blower blows the dirt, fallen dry and wet leaves, light sand, snow, and dry clutter that dirty your yard. Some blowers are very powerful which can clear off wet junk as well conveniently.

Some safety tips when making use of a backpack leaf blower:

Take some safety measures when using a leaf blower by guarding your eyes, legs, ears, and arms. To make sure that there are no health issues, it is best to safeguard yourself when using the blower.

  • Safety goggles for eyes from blowback
  • Earplugs for ears to prevent high sound
  • Cover for legs and arms to safeguard from debris and dust


A Best backpack leaf blower is one that satisfied the above requirements such as motor power, the flexibility of shoulder straps, high in performance, etc. Select that suits your everyday requirements and your budget. Get a clean and clear yard by getting an efficient leaf blower.

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