Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik CEO of Bahria Town in Pakistan Biography Details

He has made his place amongst the topmost entrepreneurs in Pakistan and within a short period of time, he has made it to as the CEO in the famous Bahria town firm. Although there are people who relate his success with his billionaire father Malik Riaz hussain, he has achieved it all with his talent and business acumen only. Even after staying busy with all of his business commitments, Ahmed Ali Riaz has ensured his participation in most of the philanthropic activities across various parts of the country.

Professional Journey of Ahmed Ali Riaz

Ali Riaz Malik was born in the family of Malik riaz hussain at Rawalpindi and right from his childhood; he got a passion for the real estate business and thus accompanied his father to most of the construction sites. He was also mesmerized after witnessing the breathtaking view of the high rise buildings and skyscrapers in countries like Dubai and Qatar and this was when, he decided to brought in the same development to his own country. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik finished up with his schooling from the famous Beacon house school in 1999 and straight after finishing with the education part, he joined his father in the real estate business. Whilst his father Malik riaz hussain is the 7th richest person in the country, he is also the chairman and founder of the famous Bahria town.

Ali Riaz Malik

If we look into the professional journey of Ahmed Ali Riaz, Malik he started it all from the scratch even whilst being the only son to the founder and chairman of Bahria town, Malik Riaz Hussain. Right after he joined the Bahria town, he was appointed as the procurement manager and made his contributions to the sales and marketing departments. Eventually, with all the work knowledge and talent he posses, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik secured the position of manager at bahria town in 2005. This came as a major breakthrough in his career with bahria town and he went on to contribute in a big manner in most of the projects managed by bahria town. After few years of hardcore efforts and significant contribution to the company matters, he was been appointed as the CEO of the Bahria Town (Pvt) Ltd in 2007. He can be accredited for his great vision and futuristic approach, which enabled Bahria town to become a USD$ 1 billion company.

Personal Life of Ali Ahmed riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz was born in the year 1978 to the family of Malik Riaz Hussain , who comes as the most successful and famous real estate developer and business tycoon. From his childhood only, he was interested in joining his father’s business and he did exactly that after finishing up with his studies. Moreover, after becoming the CEO of the Bahria town, Ahmed Ali Riaz married Mubashra Ali Malik in the year 2003 in a grand ceremony attended by some of the most famous people from the country. Mubashra ali malik , who was born in the year 1983 , belonged to a well brought up family and her parents were the owners of the biggest sugar refineries in Pakistan. Although she was blessed with all the happiness and luxuries with his husband Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik she ensured her participation in most of the Philanthropic activities conducted by Bahria town. While Malik riaz huissa in and he couldn’t be there all the time due to their business commitments, she has taken over the guard whilst taking care of all the Dastarkhawans ran by Bahria town. These are the same dastarkhwaans which has served free meals to more than 150,000 underprivileged people on daily basis and that too twice a day.

Bahria Town Projects Undertaken by Ahmed Ali Riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria Town, along with his father has smoothly managed all the major developmental projects by Bahria town currently. Even though he got a number of landmark achievements under his name whilst being the CEO of the Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik Bahria town, the biggest one is the drafting of the agreement in order to build the “Pakistan’s first ever Island city”. The project was his dream vision and he brought that to reality after entering into contract with US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer in the year 2013. This came as the landmark achievement in his career and further kick started the overall developmental process of Bundle and Bodha islands at the Karachi city.

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