3 Best 4 Blade Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling fans have not become outdated even with the penetration of air conditioning in homes and offices. Ceiling fans have evolved over the years, and many high-end models equipped with modern technology are available in the market now. The designs also vary in terms of a number of blades.

A number of blades is not the primary feature that people look for in fans, but the number of blades has a significant effect on the look and performance of a fan. Greater the number of blades more will be the drag on the motor because the fan blades encounter high air resistance. However, fans with more blades are more balanced and less noisy. 4 blade ceiling fans are more useful for rooms having air conditioning to increase the circulation of cool air. 4 blade ceiling fans are also more stylish. For people looking for the best 4 blade ceiling fans in India by reputed brands, the following 3 are the top options for your consideration.

Crompton Uranus 48 inch Ceiling Fan 

Crompton Uranus 48 inch has 4 wide-sweeping blades designed to deliver the maximum amount of air to each corner of the room. The main feature of the fan is fast delivery of air with minimal power consumption which provides utmost comfort without raising the power bills much. The elegant gold finish, motifs and carvings of the fan makes it blend with any decor. A decorative landshade is also present on the fan. The fan has variable speed controls. A pull cord is provided to adjust the speed and light intensity. The strong hanging rod keeps the fan firmly in position. The durable ball bearings impart strength to the fan. The fan operates noiselessly. Crompton provides 2 years warranty on this product.

Bajaj Maxima 600mm Ceiling Fan 

Bajaj Maxima 600mm is a small but powerful ceiling fan for both homes and offices. The speed of the fan is 870 revolutions per minute which generate a huge amount of air to cool down the room. The air delivery rate is 110 cubic metres/minute. The high torque motor enables the fan to start rotating as soon as it is switched on. The blades are made of high-grade aluminium which reduces the weight of the fan and increases its durability. Double ball bearings reduce the friction and enhance the durability of the fan. Power consumed by the fan is just 66W, which makes it energy efficient.

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan 

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan comes in different variants having 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm and 1400mm blade sweeps. The power consumed by the motor is 74 W and generates a speed of 370 rotations per minute. The motor is highly efficient and can even perform well on low voltage. The fan is equipped with 4-speed settings. The metallic paint finish and the elegant design enhance the decor of the room. Decorative trims are present on the motor cover and the blades. The twin canopies hide the electrical wiring. The upper canopy helps in mounting the fan on the ceiling.

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