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Growing up I never paid any mind to where my handprints ended up, sliding glass door, glass cabinets or tables and even the mirrors. My handprints just seemed to end up everywhere. Sometimes I didn’t even realize that I was leaving any prints behind. I would think I barely touched the mirror putting on my make-up that morning, but somehow it’s there for the world to see. Back then I didn’t care too much, but as an adult you want to make sure your living space is always clean and fresh so now it’s become almost an OCD. Handprints are a NO NO! Windex®  has become a must have household product and must be stocked.


Always being on the go and wanting to make sure that everything is always clean and tidy, Windex® Original Glass Cleaner plays such a big role in ensuring my space is always clean and print free. Even now my family has picked up on my Windex® habits. Who can blame them when Windex® Original Glass Cleaner is also America’s #1 glass cleaner*?

Since spring-cleaning is in motion I recently restocked on Windex® Original Glass Cleaner which can easily be found in the home isles at your local Walmart. They also have a range of other products to help you tackle those messy moments.


Windex is a product that I mainly use for Glass doors, windows and for the mirrors to make them clean and streak-free. The great thing about Windex® Original Glass Cleaner is it works on multi surfaces such as sealed granite, marble, glass shower doors, chrome bathroom fixtures, tiles, plastic, vinyl and more! Like I stated before it’s a must have household product.


Another area of the house that stays stocked with Windex® is the bathroom. Being that it’s a shared bathroom with others that stay in the house it’s very necessary to keep Windex® under the sink for any unexpected messes. No one likes to see gunk on the mirror after you brush your teeth or left over dirt from washing your hands etc. Windex® is always handy to make sure the sink area and mirror area are always clean for the next guests.


 Gunky mirror… ew!


Just a quick spray


and BAM!!! Just like new! Not only is it clean but also it smells fresh!

So, where in your home do you use Windex® Original Glass Cleaner?

hashtag #SCJMessyMoments and let me know!

 *Claim based on data report by Nielsen Scantrack in Household Glass Cleaner category for 52 weeks ending 10.31.15. Total US XAOC. Copyright © 2015, The Nielsen Company. is a partnership post with SC Johnson. 



  1. 05/04/2016 / 3:45 PM

    I do love Windex on my kitchen counters. It’s milder than bleach, but as effective.

  2. 05/04/2016 / 5:28 PM

    I see you share my Windex obsession! 🙂

  3. 05/04/2016 / 6:04 PM

    Is it weird that Windex is my favorite cleaning product? Is it weird to HAVE a favorite cleaning product?! Haha! The off-brands just can’t beat it…and cleaning windows and mirrors is way more fun than mopping floors and doing dishes. 😉

  4. 05/04/2016 / 8:18 PM

    Here’s a secret trick to cleaning glass, windows and mirrors: Use the windex + a newspaper. Not paper towels or soft rags — plain old black and white newspaper! It leaves glass perfectly spotless with no lint or fuzzies left behind.

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