Here I Am x JC Penney

Growing up in a society where beauty standards are constantly thrown in your face makes it hard for any woman struggling with self love and confidence. I am grateful to have learned self-love and gained the confidence I have today because of the inspirational women advocating for body positivity within the plus size community. Growing up, I was always the “big girl”, was bullied because of my weight, because I looked different then majority of my peers. Self love did not come easy, but once I realized that I am just as beautiful as a woman who is a size 2 and my weight doesn’t define my worth nor define me as a woman, I realized that I had come to a point where I can be free and be my true authentic self. I choose not to let society and their beauty standards get in the way of my greatness. That I am me, this is me and #HereIAm to stay and to SLAY!

Body positivity is something I advocate for through my blog and social media. Having struggled with self love, I know first hand how damaging body negativity can be. I am grateful for all the progress we have made as a community of woman (of all sizes) to encourage body diversity, to showcase that all woman of all shapes and sizes are beautiful beyond their sizes and beyond their curves, that size and weight do not define your worth and you as a person. JcPenney and the lovely women in this video could not have been more spot on. And I laugh at myself because we all think that we are the only ones struggling with these issues, but even the people we look up within the plus size community have all felt the wrath that comes from body negativity. 

I hope this video encourages you to push through the boundaries that society has placed on beauty standard. Know you are beautiful and worthy regardless of your size. Know that you are not alone and that we have all somehow faced the same struggles. Self-love start from within and there is not better day to start loving yourself then today!

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