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Planning for a life on the go can get very stressful. From planning your work week, blog content, photo shoots, errands, events and whatever else life decides to throw at you, sometimes the last thing on anyone’s mind is food. It’s definitely the last thing I think about more times than none. But when it comes times to plan healthy snack ideas, I think of ways to simplify the process so I can focus more on other things. And thanks to these healthy Weight Watchers snack options from Publix my eating habits don’t have to suffer due to my on-the-go lifestyle.


One of my favorite things to snack on it popcorn, it’s so light, comes in so many flavors and come on … there is just something about the smell of fresh popcorn *inhales deeply*.  With flavors like butter, kettle corn, sea salted and white cheddar there are delish options for everyone. And so I don’t eat the whole bag, cause trust me I will, I will bag a cup of popcorn in little treat bags and keep from in the kitchen in case I need to grab and go. Talk about a healthy snack idea!


I also love the red velvet crème cake for my sweet cravings. With only 90 calories per cake you can have a guilt free treat when those mid-day cravings start kicking in. They are bit size, which is so convenient; you can toss it in your purse, keep a few in your desk and you will always be covered.


And after a long day of running around, tackling on the world you can relax and unwind with a giant chocolate fudge ice cream bar. I couldn’t believe this ice cream bar was also only 90 calories and so delicious! This is a must have treat for all of my chocolate lovers out there. They also come in a mini size! Half the calories, all the amazing chocolate goodness!


Whether you are on the weight watcher program or not, these snacks are great healthy options to get you through your day. And with all the snack options Publix has to offer, weight watchers makes it easy to choose healthy snacks ideas without compromising taste. So which one is your favorite?!



  1. 08/24/2016 / 4:19 PM

    Pop corn is always a good idea!!!

  2. 08/26/2016 / 12:53 PM

    Those giant fudge ice cream bars look amazing and I’m a chocoholic. So I say that’s my favorite. But I ALSO love the smell of popcorn so that’s my second 🙂

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