So it is my observation that flare pants are indeed making a comeback and I am pleased to say that I am loving it! I remember walking around middle school wearing “bell bottoms” thinking I was the fly-est PYT walking around only to find out that a few years later people would leave the bell bottoms at the curb side for a pair a tightly fitted skinny jeans. I think its crazy how fashion trends die and somehow make there way back to stores and magazine covers. I guess that’s just the way of life, just like history will always repeat itself. So, tip #1 never throw away those old clothes, you never know when you’re going to need them again. To stay current with the trends, the hunt began for some flared pants and what an easy find it was. And to top it off, I found a pair of printed flared pants for only $9.99. Yes, you read that right $9.99! You have got to love Marshalls!

Pants: Marshalls Similar

Top: H&M Similar 

Clutch: Similar

Hat: Target

Heels & Necklace: Forever21




Photographer: Reyna Noriega


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