The #BlackLivesMatter movement has been conquering the media for the past few years. Every month or so, sometimes every week there is another live taken, another hashtag created, another family to morn the lose of a loved one, a father, a mother, son or daughter. So I won’t talk about all the ways and reasons black lives have been taken, because you know! I won’t remind you about the struggles that we have had to endure due to racism, oppression, stereotypes etc, because you know!  I won’t express to you the pain we go through when we hear the news, because you know, you may even live it! Instead I will leave this poem here with you. A little light at the end of a very dark tunnel. There is still a lot of work to be done for us to overcome these struggles, to overcome the racism we as a people endure on a daily basis, whether it is personal, someone we know or even don’t know. The systematic oppresion against black people is very real and has been real for hundreds of years, the ways in we have been oppressed may be different now than back in slavery but none the less we are still fighting for our rights, being killed for no reason and living as if we are lesser than any other race. Just remember that we will overcome! We will not continue to live in these circumstances! We deserve to live in peace equally to any other man! So continue to spread awareness, hope and love. Continue to show compassion even within these trying circumstances. Continue to set an example for our young people who are growing up confused as to whats happening. Continue to show and express self-love for all you are whether it is hated or not. And always remember #BLACKLIVESMATTER!

I know (Oppression)

One thing that I know all about, without any doubt

        The meaning of “Oppression of The Soul.”

               I once shattered all my dreams, with ill-gotten schemes

                      Along with every single goal

Emptiness is a real dark thing

        As it eats its way through your soul

              I found the bottom of the pit, all I can say of it

                       It truly was a very empty hole

I guess every story has a meaning

         Just as every game has a price

              If you look closely at me, you’ll be able to see

                      A lifetime of pain in my advice

Oppression is a real dark word

        Regardless of how the word is used

                 If you’re in the shadow of it, the bottom the pit

                          You know what it means to be abused

For years I walked in the shadows

      I had nothing but hatred for the Son

                I just couldn’t see, why it had to be

                        All the things in my life that had been done

If you were to look into my eyes

      And read all the stories they have to tell

            All you would be able to see, is pain and misery

                   A shadow that was in a living hell

I know all about oppression

     For it rolls upon the shores of hate

        I once looked in the mirror to see, a ghost living in me

             Just a skeleton walking through his fate

I also know all about redemption

     Behind every shadow there rest some form of light

                   With in the breath of a prayer, I learned how to care

                           Thus changing the course of my plight

Every story has a meaning

        There is a way to right any wrong

                Grasp to the light, and then hold on tight

                          As you search for the meaning of your song

My song once was heavy metal

         I truly loved to bang my head

                 An empty soul, with a bottomless hole

                          A never-ending hunger to be fed

Now my song is a ballad

        A story that is full of hope and love

                I learned how to pray, and give it away

                       Accepting grace from the Lord above

Oppression crosses our paths everyday

        It is everywhere to see

                You know what’s right, learn to stand and fight

                       You will have learned to be all that you can be-

–  Michael Jordan






I collaborated with some amazing bloggers to express our feelings and support toward #BloggersforBlackLives and of course we wear all BLACK as one way to show our support. Check out how they represented for the #BloggersForBlackLives movement!

Thorton Paul

Alysse Dalessandro

Nanthale Collins

Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

Maui Bigelow



  1. Paule
    11/13/2016 / 12:44 PM

    My song once was heavy metal…
    Now my song is a ballad ….
    Accepting GRACE only from GOD !
    The word GRACE means:
    “This word speaks of deliverance from enemies, affliction, or adversity. It also denotes enablement, daily guidance, forgiveness, and preservation”
    Accepting GRACE is a blessing and best gift ever.
    Amen ?

  2. Ivory Jinelle
    11/24/2016 / 6:21 PM

    You absolutely KILLED this look!

  3. 11/27/2016 / 1:59 PM

    I adore this! You killed it!

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