A girl needs options


When I am in the process of purchasing a garment, I always ask myself “What can I wear this with?”. I always try to visualize my closet and see if I can create an outfit before purchasing, this way I’m sure I’ll have good options to choose from and not make unnecessary purchase that will only make me purchase more items to complete the look. Bloggers do have budgets, at least I do lol. I try not to buy items that will limit me to only one outfit. I like to be versatile, buy garments that I can transform from day to night and will allow me to mix it up with different pieces creating an entirely new outfit. I’m sure I’m not the only one who asks this question. When purchasing this skirt I asked myself that same question and the process began. The options that came to mind were crop top, knotted tank top with a jean jacket and sneakers, with a black vest and heels, denim shirt, graphic tee. With all these options, I knew I had a winner. I knew that this one piece would give me a least 5 possible outfits if not more. The cherry on top, the skirt was on sale AND I had a coupon! #WINNING!

Skirt: JCPenney | Black crop top, Black heels, Red heels, Sunglasses: Forever21 | Denim Skirt and Graphic Tee: Target








Photographer: Reyna Noriega


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