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As women, we all need great panties. It can seem like a non-necessity to some but think about it, panties are the first thing you put on in the morning (of course after hitting the snooze button a few times) it’s the start to any great outfit. Some of us like to match our bras and panties while others like to mix and match. Whichever you prefer, panties are one of our most important necessities.

For me, at the beginning of every year I like to revamp my panty drawer. I throw out all my unloved panties and make space for all the new sexy intimates. This year I’ve taken to Kohl’s for all of my intimate needs, panties in particular. Kohl’s has a great selection of panties for every occasion. Whether you need everyday panties, time of the month panties, sexy date night panties, not only is Kohl’s the place to shop, they also have great deals of panties like 3 FOR $30, 5 for $25 etc.  For my ladies who love to match, they also set super sexy bra and panty set.

Considering the few times we say F*** it and go bottomless, I think it’s safe to say that one any given day you are wearing some kind of panties. Depending on what we are wearing that day, there is a panty for every occasion and as women, we need to know what occasion we are dressing for. So I’m going to share with you 5 panties from Kohl’s that every women needs in her panty drawer.

“Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!” – Words from a really wise person.


The thong is perfect for those women who despise panty lines. Not only will the thong have you sexy on the insides but it will have you looking sexy and seamless on the outside. Thongs are perfect for those skin tight outfits, white pants, and linens just to name a few. Thongs are my go to panty because they are so comfy. Sometimes it feels like you’re wearing nothing. I love lace thongs in particular because not only are they seamless but because they are super sexy and flirty. Just in case you plan on stripping down to your knickers, you’re prepared.

Seamless Hi-Cut (Briefs)

My briefs are probably my least sexiest panty option. Don’t get me wrong, Kohl’s has plenty of sexy brief style panties but for me I like my briefs simple. I keep these in stock specifically for my time of the month. They are perfect for all around support and comfort so you have one less thing bothering you when Mother Nature comes in town. I also like to go for the hi-cut options for the extra tummy control. We all get bloated so this helps to control my problem areas no matter what I’m wearing.

Lace Tanga (Bikinis)

Although the term bikini is used to describe other garments like swimwear, you can expect bikini panties to in between the thong and brief styles. I have to say that these Lace Tanga from Kohl’s are super sexy! Great patterns and the touch of lace on the booty had me sold! Bikinis are great options for a less visible finish. You can find seamless bikinis or ones with lace like these that will not show any panty lines. These are a great everyday option, especially for those who don’t care to wear thongs everyday but still want a great seamless look.


Hipsters are another one of my favorite panties and Kohl’s has the best ones. Material so soft and stretchy, these are perfect for your looser outfits like maxi skirts and dresses and are equally as perfect form fitting clothing like pant suits and jeans. Hipsters give you all around coverage with thick sides and front. I personally keep a few hipsters on repeat for when I wear dresses. No one wants a Marilyn Monroe moment wearing a thong.


Boyshorts have a similar function as the hipsters, I mean they are pretty much the same thing. But as you can see, they are still quick different. These style of boyshorts are what I wear to go to sleep. My doctor once told me that you really don’t need to sleep with underwear and should refrain from sleeping with panties like thongs. You have to let your hoo-haa air out. So other than going completely bottomless, boyshorts are the next best thing. 

Now that you know exactly what panties you need it’s time to head over to Kohl’s and revamp your panty draw for 2017. Not only can you catch every day deals on their intimates but they will be having a huge intimidates sale on between March 3 – March 26 that you don’t want to miss! You can also enjoy $10 off $40 promo codes between March 3-March 16 by using code INTIMATES10 and Bonus Buys between March 3-March 12! You can thank me later!

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