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When traveling, I’m sure most of want to look and feel our best. We may get a new hair style, buy new outfits, work out extra hard before the trip etc. I know me, I do all of the above and more. I even start using the best products to help me look and feel my best. One product that I’ve been using lately is Tone body wash and boy oh boy, how fabulous I feel. 

As you may know from my over sharing of excitement on Instagram, I am headed to Paris today and could not be more THRILLED! This is my first trip to Europe and let me tell you, I have done everything in the book to make sure I feel and look fabulous for my trip. And because everyone should feel fabulous while traveling (and of course everyday), I’m going to share with you how I stay fabulous while on vacation.

  1. New Hair, New Me! – A new hair do or hair style is a must for any vacation. Although I’ve been rocking this hairstyle for about a month now, it’s definitely a new style for me. And because of the different climates, and bundle of hair products needed to style my hair while traveling, putting in a protective style is the easiest way to go. So low maintenance! These faux locs are perfect for any trip to the islands or to a city. 

2. So Fresh and So Clean – How my skin feels on vacation is so important. I have to make sure my skin is hydrated, soft, vibrant and of course smells good. This is why I use Tone Body Wash. Tone has a rainbow of different body washes which can help you achieve maximum fabulousness.  I use Tone Radiant Glow body wash before my trips to give my skin that extra boost of #HowITone radiance and leaves me feeling confident that my skin is at its best. Tone Mango Splash body wash is #HowITone everyday. This body wash is my favorite because who doesn’t want to smell like mango’s on these hot Miami summer days. This body wash will have you day dreaming of a beachy tropical vacation and leave you feeling so refreshed. Having great skin is the base of having a good vacation. When your skin looks and feels good, you feel good, your outfits look amazing and it makes your travels that much more enjoyable. 

3. Shop till you drop – Of course everyone needs new threads for vacation. Now that your skin looks and feels amazing, it’s time to hit the mall for some new outfits. I always try on my outfits before my trips to make sure everything looks and feels good. So what do we think about this outfit? It’s definitely coming with me to Paris.

4. Pack It Up – Now that my hair is done, skin is popping, and I’ve got all my outfits, it’s time to pack. Here are a few tips on how I pack for my trips. Get some vacuum seal bags for your clothes, you save so much space which means you can pack more outfits. A neck pillow is a must. Don’t forget your make up and don’t forget your Tone Body Wash. I mean, how else are you going to maintain that fabulousness on vacation. 

Tone Body Wash is not only going to have you looking and feeling good but it’s supper affordable and conveniently located at numerous Walmart’s. You can find this product located in the Health and Beauty isle or save yourself some time and try Walmart’s pick up in store options and #FindYourTone! Don’t forget to take advantage of the IBOTTA Offer here! Earn $2 when you buy 2 Tone Body Washes.



  1. 08/14/2017 / 8:29 PM

    Great post! I love me some Tone body wash!

  2. Sandra Negron
    08/14/2017 / 9:15 PM

    Wow I haven’t used Tone is years. These body washes look intriguing, might have to give them a whirl

  3. 08/15/2017 / 12:10 AM

    Mango anything is a win! Traveling graces to Paris.

  4. 08/15/2017 / 12:51 AM

    Enjoy Paris! Got your essentials so you are good!

  5. 08/15/2017 / 1:12 AM

    I love me a good body wash! Gotta give this a try!

  6. 08/15/2017 / 1:39 PM

    Love this post! Great tips for traveling. And I love Tone bodywash

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