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Every woman remembers the first time they went to get their done or had a friend play in their hair. A few minutes pass by and then you hear those 5 dreadful words, “I see a gray hair”. Some of us, like myself, go into panic mode. Pull it out! No, wait, don’t pull it out… 3 more will grow in its place! I remember having a friend help me with some French braids and point out that my time had come. It wasn’t anything to be alarmed with. We counted something like 10 gray hairs, but we all know how it goes. It was then I knew frequent trips to the hair salon was in my future. It is then that I realized the only thing worse than a gray hair is when your schedule creeps up on you and you forget to book a color touch up hair appointment. Luckily for me and my busy lifestyleGray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray  from Walgreens helps me keep my gray under control.

Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray  is an easy to use root concealer for us women who want to stay out of the salon a little while longer. All you do is point and spray for a gray-free hairstyle. Gray Away comes in 2 tones, a light brown and dark brown. It also comes in spray form (as shown in pics) and powder form. It’s also super inexpensive. Not only are you saving time, but it’s a great way to make your dollar stretch in between hair appointments. And this spray washes out so easily. You can switch up your hair styles as often as you want and a quick spray will have you looking right! 

If you’re like me and love products that make life a little bit easier, this is definitely a product you want to keep around. You never know when you’re going to need a quick touch up. And luckily for you this product is sold at a few places like Walgreens, Target and Walmart. One time for #NomoreGrayDays!

Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer Spray 

Before & After




  1. 12/05/2017 / 7:34 PM

    Your hair looks so healthy and I’m going to rush out and get me a can right away. Thanks!!

  2. 12/06/2017 / 4:45 PM

    Your hair looks so Good! I have one gray hair and it sticks out lol

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