Are you tired of boring hair?! Looking for something to bring some life to that hair?! Having trouble with conventional curling irons?! Can’t seem to get your hair wrapped around a wand properly?! Well, let me introduce you to this amazing, easy to use Irresistible Me Ruby Auto Rotating Curling Iron. Yes, you heard me right! AUTO-ROTATING!


The Ruby curling iron has a 26-millimeter rotating ceramic barrel fused with tourmaline and auto recovery function that gives you perfectly silky smooth curls with every use. If you have trouble using a curling wand, like myself, and are tired of burning your fingers, this is the perfect addition to your hair styling routine.

I love that this curling iron gives you temperature options from 260F – 410F allowing you to have different size curl, lower heat for loose beach waves or a higher heat for tighter curls. You also have the option of having inward or outward facing curls with the left and right rotation options. With everything this curling iron has to offer I was able to work through my hair so quickly and my results were consistent all around.  The curling process took me about 20 minutes. Who can beat that?!

This curling iron definitely trumps any kind of curling tool I’ve seen or used before. It’s more like a smart tool. Irresistible Me figured out how to make a product that was easy to use, cut styling time and so much more convenient, no more trying to wrap your hand around a wand or swirling your hair around a curling iron. This “smart” iron does it all for you, all that the push of a button. Literally! 

Some tips on how to get the perfect curls when using an iron:

1. Face the clasp forward to spin the hair through more easily.

2. Curl your hair away from your face for a more natural look.

3. Hold the iron vertically for loose curls and horizontal for higher curls.

4. Find the right curl holder for your hair – hairspray, styling gel etc.

5. Pin your curls for a better hold.

Check out the results below and be sure to grab your auto rotating curling iron here







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